Signs of Fibromyalgia which Should not be Ignored

It is very difficult for a normal people to understand the consequences of fibromyalgia. Only the person going through fibromyalgia can really feel the pain of another fibro warrior. We have gathered some common symptoms of Fibromyalgia so it can not be unseen or misunderstood.

Fatigue at its Peak

Fatigue is one of the major issue in fibromyalgia. A person feels exhausted even after a long night’s sleep. More sleep causes more fatigue and tiredness instead of causing comfort. It is very common in Fibromyalgia patients. According to the description of a patient, fatigue feels like they are carrying dead weight with them and the energy is drained out. The fatigue is so much worse in fibromyalgia that even performing daily tasks becomes exhausting.

Pain Especially Musculoskeletal

The extensive pain in the whole body felt by fibromyalgia patients is the worst symptom of all. Widespread pain can be felt all over the body of fibro patients. The most common pains are Neck Pain, Back Pain, Restless leg syndrome, Musculoskeletal Pain, etc. The pain can be felt in specified triggered points when pressure is applied to them. As a result, the pain is propagated to different surrounded parts as well other than trigger points.

Disturbed Sleep

Improper sleep, whether no sleep at all or staying asleep for a long time is another alarming Fibromyalgia symptom. The fibromyalgia patients often suffer from disruptions and experience night waking frequently, which ends up in making them exhausted for the whole day.

Lack of Concentration

The patient loses focus and is unable to pay attention to certain things. Memory lapse is also one of the cognitive symptoms for the patients of fibromyalgia. “Fibro Fog” is a term used for such conditions for fibromyalgia sufferers.

Heart Palpitation or Irregularity in Heartbeat Rate

Symptoms related to the heart can be upsetting especially for fibromyalgia sufferers, but the experiments and tests do not reveal any underlying causes. Hearth palpitation happens in response to deep and heavy breathing and also caused by techniques related to relaxation.

IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

It is observed in many fibromyalgia patients that the majority of them also suffer from IBS. Yet the reason behind it is still fuzzy. Pain, constipation, bloating, diarrhea and nausea are common among the patients of fibromyalgia and also these symptoms make our life miserable.

Pains in Jaws or Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJD)

TMJD disorder is said to be affecting about one-fourth of fibromyalgia patients. The jaw pain causes the pain in face muscles, spreads throughout the neck and head as well. The pain is not in the joints but it’s in the muscles and ligaments of the jaw area of the person.

Disturbed Bladder

Getting into frequent urinary infections, petulant bladder and incontinence are also the symptoms and signs of fibromyalgia. The burning feeling while passing urine, abdominal pain and the pain caused by the whole track got severe in the people who are suffering from this disorder.


Migraines are very common and found in more than half of the sufferers which are diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Most common Headaches pains are severe front head pain, Pain in the neck, classified specifically with it, occurring thrice or more time in a week. The sufferer may feel the headache for multiple times in a single day.

High Sensitivity

The senses of fibromyalgia patients are overdriven. Strong odors or bright lights can cause to arose many other symptoms, like headaches. Few cases are also reported in which the patient was also discovered to be sensitive to the medication which may enhance the chance for caught into more development of side effects.

Tingling and Numbness

Another sign for fibromyalgia is the random tingles in the body of a person which extremities with some unknown causes. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is often found in people having this disorder.

Vision Distortion

Blurry vision, burning eyes or dryness of eyes and having difficulty while focusing are also observed as a sign of fibromyalgia causing disrupted vision. These symptoms can be felt along with dizziness or headaches.

Balance Issues

The fatigue and widespread pain caused in fibromyalgia state can lead to sufferer having improper or misbalancing trouble. Balance issues can cause falls and dizziness and can lead to severe injury. So, the person needs to guard and save oneself from any major injury.

PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome)

Women with fibromyalgia mostly feel severe PMS symptoms. Heavy periods, cramps and mood swings are common. The pain can be worse than its normal outfall.

Having Trouble while Exercising

Exercising is a healthy activity to keep a person healthy as the endorphins, pain-relieving property, are released after exercising. A person with fibromyalgia can feel extreme pain and fatigue after doing a little workout. A simple way to tackle this situation is to break the exercise session into shortening, several workouts and do not burden upon oneself. This will help in alleviating the sensitivity of the pain in the patient.

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